Gibril Fodor

STRAP Scandinavian Representative

Gibril Fodor is a freelance journalist who specialized in the study of community work in the countering of violent extremism and extremist narratives. His focus is on deradicalization using theological and psychological counceling and discussion, as well as the specific politico-religious and social roots of modern violent extremism.

He has a background in politics, and has also previously consulted political parties on the topic of countering extremism, such as the Center party and Christian Democrat party.

In 2015 he embarked on a privately financed project that aimed to investigate how conservative religious communities countered extremist narratives and the call to and recruitment to violent extremism. The focus was how theological and counceling debates and methods where the extremist narrative is deconstructed and have been used and continues to be used in a Scandinavian context. The research is still ongoing.

He has consulted and assisted in several research projects on the topics of religious extremism, Salafism and radicalization. He has also written several news articles on the topics as well as appeared in several publications.