Simon Cornwall

Simon Cornwall

Simon Cornwall is a very experienced Counter Terrorism Consultant and Trainer currently based in the United Kingdom. He has worked for various government agencies, intelligence groups, international organisations and NGOs based across the world, including in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, France and Africa.

He has a unique skill set, having developed and managed the CVE\PVE work in the UK Probation/Prison Service. Setting up a multi-agency unit to manage Terrorist offenders on their journey through the prison system into the community. Working to manage and mitigate risk of over a hundred convicted terrorists. Meeting them, interviewing and discussing their journeys into extremism and overseeing and designing their journeys out.

He has over 40 years’ experience of working internationally in CVE/PVE, including Military, Government, Intelligence, NGOs and interventions. Very experienced at developing and delivering training on various subjects, tailoring the training to fit the skill, knowledge and background of the audience. He is comfortable delivering to Soldiers, Police, Intelligence Officers, Community Leaders, Teachers, Social Workers, Mothers and Fathers and can engage and deliver efficiently. Simon has an extensive back ground of doing this with the United Nations, London Prison and Probation Service and the UK Home Office. He has developed and delivered Train the Trainor events internationally, including guidelines and handbooks. He has helped develop action plans and policy to build capacity and skills of countries to prevent and disrupt extremist activity.

Simon is vastly experienced at setting up and working with multi agency teams to reduce the risk of UK terrorists moving through the UK criminal justice system. Simon developed interventions, programs and introduced the idea of mentors working with Terrorist to reintegrate them back into the community. He helped broker engagement with community NGOs to support them and for them to support the work of the Government. He has gone on to train mentors and work with NGOs to facilitate their mentors working within the criminal justice system both in the UK and worldwide.

He successfully ran a United Nations project to introduce the idea of “the whole of society approach” to fighting CVE/PVE across Central Asia, working with Government and NGO representatives to build relationships and working supportive coalitions, developing and setting up a website to build partnership,  trust and knowledge.

He is qualified with a Degree in Criminal Justice, Diplomas in Social Policy and Criminology and many specific and focused certificates of training. Simon is a fellow of the German Institute of Radicalization and De-radicalization studies, a fellow of the Westminster Centre for Security and Radicalization Studies, Advisor and Trainer to the Georgian Centre for Security and Development and a member of the “expert” pool of advisors for the European Union Radicalization Awareness Network.